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How to Wash and Care for Your Compression Socks

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It's happened to all of us. A treasured garment completely ruined in some stage of wash and dry. A perfectly fitting silk blouse accidentally included in a load of towels and detergent with bleach. A shrunken 100% wool blazer you inherited from a dear uncle. And if it's a garment you count on for your health and well-being, well, that stings, too.

You've invested in premium quality compression socks and stockings, so you want to know how to make it last

We want you to benefit from your Sigvaris compression socks and stockings for as long as possible. Use this complete guide to cleaning and caring for them so they can serve you well and long.

Before washing your compression socks...

Before you toss your compression socks or stockings in the washing machine, here are a few things you should do:

Wash after every use

Yes, you should wash your compression socks after every use.
The sweat and oils from your skin transfer onto the socks and, if left for a long time, they can erode fibers and weaken the elasticity.

Washing your compression socks and stockings after every use will ensure they work optimally for as long as possible.

Read washing instructions

Read the washing instructions that come with your compression stockings. These instructions are written by the manufacturer; they are the best way to ensure your garments last.

If, by chance, they did not come with manufacturer's instructions, look them up online. Make sure to include the fiber make-up or a certain feature in your search. For instance, "how to wash wool compression socks" or "how to wash sheer compression stockings."

Understand the materials

Understanding the materials of your compression socks and stockings is extremely important.

It's important to know if your compression socks are microfiber, cotton, wool, or a blend that features nylon or spandex. Otherwise, you won't know which kind of material you need to research for washing instructions.

You could easily make a simple mistake that ruins your compression socks.

Tips for washing your compression socks and stockings:

Drying your compression socks and stockings:

Air Dry

If you have time, hanging your compression socks and stockings is the safest option. Machine drying presents the risk of damaging them with high heat, snagging on other clothing, or being lost to the mysterious sock dimension.


Tumble Dry

If you're on a tight timeline, sometimes air drying isn’t an option (and it's better to have compression socks to wear than not). If you need to get it done quickly, the next best option is to tumble dry on low heat. Make sure this cycle is as gentle as possible.

A little preparation and research can save you a lot of headache in the future. Taking the time to properly care for your compression socks and stockings means investing time in your health and well-being.

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