Why choose Sigvaris?

    1. Easy to put on
      Our socks and stockings uses double-covered LYCRA® spandex inlay yarns so garments glide on easily.
    2. Great fit
      Our sizing system has a wide range of sizes for an exceptional fit.
    3. Easy to care for
      Machine wash and dry makes laundering easy.
    4. Quality
      We guarantee the compression of our products for six months.
    5. Lots of choices
      We offer you more choices of materials, colors, and patterns than any other medical compression brand.


    Feel the difference

    Sigvaris compression wear is made to exert controlled, active graduated pressure along the leg, promoting venous circulation and the return of blood to the heart. Our solutions don't look like medical aids. We design fashionable socks and hosiery using a large selection of materials in basic and fashion-forward colors for every season and occasion.

    From the very first use of your compression wear, you should feel an immediate beneficial effect – pain, swelling, heavy-leg sensations, and muscle stiffness will be reduced. Also, wearing compression stockings regularly improves your venous hemodynamics which increases your cardiovascular fitness.

    As a result, your legs feel healthy and relaxed all day long and your work performance in standing and sitting position increases. Last, but not least, graduated compression also aims to prevent and/or manage complications associated with venous disorders such as varicose veins, phlebitis, and venous thrombosis.

    With over 150 years of medical expertise, you can be confident this is a product that you'll not only want to wear, but provides the therapeutic benefits you need.