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You're looking to embrace fall, but you're so over denim. Love leggings, but you're not a gym junky or a teenager? Not to be dramatic, but SOFT SILHOUETTE LEGGINGS were designed for moments like these. Read on to discover all the problems they solve and, more importantly, why you're going to love this soft yet durable, energy-boosting fall wardrobe powerhouse. 

These leggings:

  • Keep you warm without the bulk
  • Look nicer + are more comfortable than denim
  • Keep you in the "real" compression game
  • High waist, smooth tummy
  • Make outfit building a breeze
  • Better sizing

1. Keep you warm without the bulk

First and foremost, a proper pair of leggings should keep you warm, especially as we’re approaching fall and winter temperatures. If you’ve ever bought leggings before, you know that it isn’t always easy to find a material that keeps you warm without being too heavy.

On the other hand, you don’t want material that’s see through (yikes). SOFT SILHOUETTE LEGGINGS are designed to cover these bases. They're made of soft-stretch microfiber that keeps out the cold. The material features a ribbed design in a weight that isn't see through. We often marvel at the durability and softness that this material achieves since sometimes the two qualities seem at odds with one another.

SOFT SILHOUETTE compression leggings dressed up

2. Look nicer + are more comfortable than denim

struggling to put jeans on

If you’re looking for an excuse to not wear jeans, here’s one – they don’t give you a boost of energy like these leggings do. These are comfy and, of course, have 15-20mmHg true graduated compression for a boost in circulation and energy. Jeans can't do that!

To make matters worse, denim trends are constantly changing and keeping up costs a lot. A nice pair of black leggings are always in style. And barring any drastic changes in weight or shape, they always fit. Not only is denim incredibly hard to size (especially if you’re ordering them online), but let's be honest -- they're not even that comfortable. 

the ankle of SOFT SILHOUETTE compression leggings

Non-binding ankle cuff stays comfortably in place for all-day wear.

3. Keep you in the "real" compression game

We're talking about "compliance," but who likes that word? You know you need graduated compresssion for medical reasons or maybe you've made a personal choice to use this technology to better your health. Either way, medical grade compression allows you to live a full life without having to worry about your circulation or vein problems. Not all compression is created equal though. SOFT SILHOUETTE LEGGINGS have a graduated compression level of 15-20mmHg which is ideal for tired, heavy, restless, or aching legs. 

You’ll also want a product like this if you are prone to occupational leg health risks, are an expectant mother, or have family history of chronic vein disease. Leggings that allow you to stay within the right grade of compression are essential for feeling your best, and luckily, these will have you looking your best too. 

4. High waist for a smooth tummy

Trendy or not, many people stick to high waisted leggings or pants because the cut is flattering on every body type and some people find them more comfortable than mid or low waisted styles. And if you're a fan of crop tops on a defined (and covered) waistline, you'll think these are the world's most perfect leggings. Seriously, anyone can pull a crop top off in these.

  • Foldable, comfort-stretch waistband for a seamless and all-day comfort.
  • Stylish, subtle ribbed design that looks chic and pairs perfectly with dresses, blouses, tunics, and shirts
  • Advanced soft stretch microfiber fabric that shapes legs and smooths skin.

5. Make outfit building a breeze

Looking put together on a regular basis can be effortless if you’ve invested in some quality basics. Here are some simple ways you can dress up the leggings for special or everyday occasions: 

● Knee high boots and a long sweater: Basic and comfortable. Perfect for going out for coffee or running errands. This outfit combo will have you warm enough for any endeavor out of doors.

● Ankle boots, a skirt, and dressy blouse: A perfect business casual look that will leave you feeling trendy and comfortable.

● Oversized t-shirt and chunky sneakers: If you’re going for more of a youthful style, you don’t need much to feel trendy when you have some chunky sneakers and a graphic T that helps express your style. 

9 ways to wear black leggings

Click the image above to see one of hundreds of pins on Pinterest that show you all the ways to style black leggings. Talk about endless possibilities. 

You don’t need the latest pieces to look put together. Simply investing in good basics and pairing with some neutral staples will have you looking and feeling your best. Pair the leggings with some of your favorite minimal jewelry or statement pieces, and you’ll be good to go. 

6. Better sizing

The right fit is imperative to looking put together. Most leggings on the market come in S, M, L, XL. That doesn't take into account your height. Without height, how can your curves be best served? We've got it figured out and use the chart below to determine the very best fit for you. This is also very important when it comes to medical compression. That pressure needs to be applied at the right places. If you need help with sizing, use the chat bubble on your screen and just ask!

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