The Sporty Side of Compression 

The Sporty Side of Compression

Medical-grade compression supports an active lifestyle and there are many great options that fit your sporty style. Plus, gearing yourself up with some new athletic compression socks can inspire you to get moving. 

Since compression socks were primarily invented to help improve blood flow, you can imagine why compression has become essential for athletes. Many professional athletes choose to wear graduated compression socks and sleeves during practice or in competition because increased circulation improves performance and recovery.

The benefits of wearing compression for sports and athletics

Improved blood flow from the legs to the heart is critical for athletes of all levels. But anyone who wants to lead an active lifestyle can benefit in the same way. Compression during a workout, a run, a game, or even extra walking can help regulate blood flow, reduce stress on muscles, and helps to reduce the buildup of lactic acid. Most convincing of all is the fact that increased circulation of blood flow means increased delivery of oxygen to the heart. 

Take a page out of professional athletes' books. Wear compression not only to improve recovery from a strenuous performance, theoretically improve performance, but even to help prevent injury. We've seen compression on professional athletes from entire NFL teams to Serena Williams, who wore a compression catsuit as a medical device to help protect her from PE (pulmonary embolism) which she was at high risk for post-pregnancy.

Williams caught some flack for this, but medical professionals defended her decision by stating the benefits of leg compression as a medical device and that any intelligent person in her condition would have worn similar technology.

Woman walking up concrete steps, wearing athletic clothing and Sigvaris Motion High Tech compression socks in Red

No catsuit required. All the benefits of compression Serena was after happens on the legs. Not that she didn't look amazing! This model is wearing Motion High Tech with 20-30mmHg of medical grade graduated compression.

Just wear them. When it comes down to it, treatment for existing conditions and preventive care are at the core of compression and athletics. This is all to ensure a long career and many years of enjoyment for the sport you play.

What this means for you

Chances are you're not an Olympic marathoner, you don't hold a record in the Guiness Book for mountain climbing, and you're not playing in next year's French Open. But chances are also pretty good that you enjoy taking walks, a morning jog, or a hike on a trail through the forest. Some of us even find a day of shopping or exploring the city a pretty strenuous activity. These are all reasons to don your compression and get going. Find some specific reasons why and product recommendations in the accordion menu below. 

Listen, we understand that wearing compression apparel isn’t always a choice. It’s oftentimes something you have to do to function properly and not be living in discomfort. When you choose to look at compression as an opportunity to expand your habits rather than constrict them, it makes it a lot more fun.

Our advanced medical technology helps take the guess work out of it, too. Hopefully, you’ve been able to see yourself in one of the categories mentioned here. If not, reach out, or take our quiz and learn what’s best for you.

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