How To Put On Compression Socks and Stockings

Here are some helpful tips if you're struggling with putting on and taking off your compression socks and stockings. 


Man sitting on a low chair putting on compression socks


Getting Them On (The Socks Puppet Trick)

Hands demonstrating first step in donning compression socks.

1. Put your hand in the stocking and grab the heel between your thumb and fingers as if you are making a sock puppet.


Hands demonstrating second step in donning compression socks
2. While holding the heel, turn the product inside out, which brings the heel to the forefront.


Hands demonstrating third step in donning compression socks
3. Step into the foot and place the heel of the stocking just short of the heel.


Hands demonstrating fourth step in donning compression socks
4. Gently unfold the garment leaving a small, single-layer band across the foot.


Hands demonstrating fifth step in donning compression socks
5. Put your finger into the fold and pop it over the heel.


Hands demonstrating sixth and final step in donning compression socks
6. Smooth out all wrinkles and place the top band two finger-widths from the right-angle bend of your knee. Don't pull it too far.


Taking the time to learn how to put on your compression socks really will make a difference. Consider it a worthwhile investment in your own health. You can do this!  However, if your compression stockings still seem too tight to get on, or if you feel tingling or numbness, check with your doctor or physical therapist to make sure they’re the right fit.