Inelastic wraps

and lymphedema garments

woman wearing lymphedema wrap by Sigvaris on left leg

Our inelastic compression wraps are devices that cover your limbs tightly for a high range of adjustability, creating an accurate and custom fit. 

Medically Complex Edema (MCE)

Live your life. Be yourself. The SIGVARIS GROUP line of products for medically complex edema are for the treatment and management of conditions impacting the lymphatic and venous circulatory systems. 

The product portfolio contains ready-to-wear garments for the active treatment and maintenance of lymphatic disorders in the upper and lower extremities and for patients managing chronic venous diseases.

Where to purchase these products

This site,, focuses exclusively on our medical compression stockings (MCS) group of products for general well being and for the treatment of venous insufficiencies. To learn more about our MCE products, visit the links below. To purchase these products, work with your therapist or find an MCE retailer near you

Inelastic wraps
Lymphedema garments

Woman walking and talking on phone, wearing Sigvaris Compreshape Capris lymphedema compression garment

Compreshape Capris in Black

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