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Made In the USA

Here's why buying American-made compression socks and stockings matters.

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SIGVARIS GROUP employees in Peachtree City, GA

When you buy Sigvaris, you're...

  • supporting American workers and their families
  • helping to protect the environment (U.S. manufacturing processes are cleaner and more sustainable than in many other countries)
  • bolstering the U.S. economy and its independence by keeping manufacturing jobs here at home
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American-made, colorful, comfortable, and effective medical graduated compression socks and stockings

Represent the USA in red, white, or blue compression by Sigvaris!

Woman wearing Sigvaris Style Microfiber Patterns compression socks in the color Cranberry Chevron



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Sigvaris Essential Cotton Women's knee-high compression socks in the color White



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SIGVARIS GROUP Well-being Performance Sleeves women's compression sleeves in the color Blue


Performance Sleeves

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Made right here at home

Sigvaris products are made in America by American workers, making liveable wages. SIGVARIS GROUP employs more than 500 Americans in two certified U.S. facilities.

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Peachtree City, GA

Ottawa Story_grand Haven lighthouse in Holland, MI

Holland, MI

Made by Americans

Close-up of a Sigvaris sewer attaching a lacetop band on to a thigh-high

Highly skilled sewers finish the socks and stockings with toe seams, grip-top bands, and gussets, perfecting every detail. 

Sigvaris quality assurance associate checking sheer pantyhose for defectsMade in USA tag as seen on Sigvaris products

From start to finish, your socks and stockings are made by real people.

First, we design a product that perfectly balances function and feel. Then, we meticulously select our yarns to ensure they are of the highest quality and responsibly sourced. Then, the yarns are fed into circular-knitting machines and programmed to knit graduated compression socks and stockings.

Two Sigvaris employees laughing while they work on the knitting floor

The garments are finished and sent to quality assurance. Every pair is rigorously tested for accuracy, durability, and color-fastness. After we are sure they are top-notch, we send them to the warehouse for packaging.

Sigvaris QA tester running tests on Style Microfiber Patterns compression sock

The socks and stockings are hand-folded and boxed along with a care guide. Our climate-controlled warehouse stores them until it's time to ship to you.

Sigvaris employee pulling boxes in Peachtree City GA warehouse