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How to Put On and Take Off Compression Socks

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Man sitting on edge of bed to put on shoes, wearing Sigvaris Style Microfiber Patterns compression socks

You've taken a positive step for your health and well-being and bought compression socks. Now... how in the world do you get them on without working up a sweat?

Don't be intimidated. There are several methods and tools you can utilize to make the process easier.

Methods for Putting On Compression Socks

If you're able-bodied:

The Sock Puppet "Trick"

Although putting on your compression socks can be challenging at first, a little practice of this technique will make you a pro. Be sure to have the best fit possible - a bad fit can make this unnecessarily difficult. Want to be sure? Chat with one of our certified fitters today. 

  • With the heel facing you, insert your arm into the sock and grab the heel between your thumb and fingers as if you were making a sock puppet.
  • Now, while still holding on to the heel, partially turn the sock inside out, creating a pocket for your foot. (Your hand will be holding the place where your foot will go.)
  • Step into the foot pocket and position the heel just short of your own heel.
  • Grip the top band of the sock and pull up towards your knee, making sure the heel is placed correctly.
  • Lastly, position the top band two finger-widths from the right-angle bend of your knee and smooth out any wrinkles. Be careful not to pull it too far, as this can cause discomfort. It should feel comfortable on your toes and not be bunched around your ankle.

Still struggling? We got you. 

Keep reading for products that can give you even more help.

If you need a little help:

Doff N'Donner

  • Slide the sock onto your arm, extending well past the elbow.
  • Slide the roller cuff up your arm, (over the sock), until it’s lined up with the top band of the sock.
  • Wrap the top of the sock over the top of the roller cuff.
  • Start to roll the cuff down your arm, making sure the sock is rolling with it. It should fold over itself at least once and end with the toe seam showing at the bottom of the cuff.
  • Now that the sock is wrapped around the Doff N'Donner, line up the toe seam with your toes. Roll the cuff up your leg. The sock should now be in place. Make adjustments to the placement of the top band if needed and smooth out any wrinkles. It should feel comfortable on your toes and not be bunched around your ankle.

If you have limited mobility:


  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Place the MELANY on the floor in front of you with the inner curve of the cup facing away.
  • Hold the stocking upright with the heel facing the inner curve of the cup. Then roll the top band over the top of the cup, pushing it down until the toe seam is showing at the top of the cup. (The middle of the heel should be lined up with the curve of the cup.)
  • Hold on to the handles and tilt the MELANY towards you. Place your foot into the opening of the sock or stocking, making sure your heel lines up with the heel of the sock.
  • Gently pull the MELANY Stocking Donner up your leg, using the tool to guide the sock onto your foot and up your leg.
  • Carefully remove your foot from the MELANY Stocking Donner and adjust the sock as needed.

More tips for putting on compression socks

line drawing of sun rising over a mountaintop

Put your compression socks on at the start of the day. Your legs are smallest when you first get out of bed, which will make putting them on easier.

line drawing of twisted socks

If your sock gets twisted while putting it on, start over. It's hard to fix twisting once the sock or stocking is on your leg.

line drawing of talcum powder

If you tend to sweat a lot, try using corn starch or baking powder on your legs to make it easier to put on your compression socks.

line drawing of Sigvaris IT Stays adhesive roller

Compression socks should stay up by themselves, but if you find them slipping throughout the day, try an adhesive like IT STAYS! 

You can also reach out to us to double-check your fit.

line drawing of a measuring tape

If your compression socks feel too tight or your legs start to go numb, take them off immediately. Take your measurements again and make sure you are wearing the right size.

Need help taking measurements? Check out our measuring guide.

Taking off Compression Socks

Luckily, taking off compression socks is much easier than putting them on. Simply reverse the method you used to put on your compression socks. When in doubt, you can always use the "banana peel" method. Pull the top of the sock down while letting the sock turn inside out. 

Don’t forget to wash your compression socks according to their instructions, so they’ll last you a long time.
Read our blog - How to Wash and Care for your Compression Socks

Learning what works best for you and your legs is a process, so go slow and be willing to experiment. You may need to try multiple methods or different kinds of socks before you feel like you've found a groove.

Shop our bestsellers or take the quiz to see what is right for you.

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