March Madness: Compression Socks for Basketball Players

How graduated compression helps players gain an edge on the competition.

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5 Reasons Hairstylists Need Compression Socks

Standing all day is hard on your legs. Learn what you can do to lessen the effects and feel better.

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For college basketball players, March Madness represents the pinnacle of their college careers. It’s a chance for them to showcase their skills on a national level and potentially earn a spot in the NBA draft.

The intensity of the tournament can be overwhelming,

for players and fans alike. Whether you’re striving for a professional basketball career or casually playing the game in your spare time, compression socks can help you play your best, and make the most out of March Madness this season.

Looking good doesn't come easy

As a hairstylist, you're committed to providing your clients with haircuts that bring out their best. However, with a demanding job that keeps you on your feet all day, you may experience some discomfort or health issues.

Chronic Venous Disease (CVD), pain, leg fatigue, and swelling are common ailments among hairstylists. These conditions can get worse if left untreated.

Even with the average hairstylist seeing about 12 clients a day, we know it’s important for you to bring your best to each one. We’re here to provide you with the solution to pain and discomfort so you can focus on your clients.

Wearing the perfect pair of compression socks can ensure style and comfort from morning to night.

The benefits of wearing compression socks for basketball players

Running, jumping, quick stops, and starts can cause injuries or discomfort for basketball players. Wearing compression socks can help alleviate some of these issues.

Wearing compression can offer you benefits like these, both on and off the court:

1. Reduced risk of injury:

Basketball players are prone to leg injuries such as shin splints, calf strains, and ankle sprains due to the high-impact nature of the sport. Although current research hasn’t confirmed a direct correlation between wearing compression socks and reduced injury, many athletes attest that wearing compression socks on the court has lowered their number of injuries.

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2. Improved endurance and performance:

Compression improves circulation, which increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. With better circulation, energy levels may be more easily sustained throughout the game. This also aids in the reduction of lactic acid build-up in the muscles from high activity, which helps relieve soreness and fatigue. Players can then push themselves harder and perform at their best for longer periods of time.

3. Faster recovery time:

The increased blood flow and oxygen delivery helps to flush out metabolic waste and promote muscle recovery. This can reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, allowing players to get back to training and competing sooner.

4. Enhanced comfort during and after games:

Compression socks are designed to fit snugly around the ankle and calf, providing extra support and reducing muscle vibrations. This can lead to less fatigue, discomfort, and soreness during games and in recovery periods.

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How compression helps

Whether you’re looking for compression to manage symptoms of CVD or want to prevent spider veins, here’s how Sigvaris compression socks can help you during long shifts at the salon:

Graduated compression helps reduce swelling

Depending on your job or previous health conditions, standing all day can cause fluid to build up in your legs and feet. This build-up, (otherwise known as edema), slows blood circulation and hinders your body's ability to rid itself of excess fluids. Graduated compression provides gradual pressure starting at the ankle. Blood and fluid are gently guided back up your leg, through decreasing strength, easing swelling and discomfort.

Graduated compression helps prevent spider veins

Spider veins, (and varicose veins), can be seen from the surface of the skin. The dark purple or blue veins are caused by weakened blood vessel walls. Although they are mostly a cosmetic concern, they can at times be achy or painful. Graduated compression helps guide the weak vein wall back into place. This regulates blood flow and reduces the appearance of spider and varicose veins.

Graduated compression can lead to more energy

Working on your feet all day is exhausting. Leg pain or discomfort can take a mental strain on you as well. Some hairstylists choose to wear compression socks because they help them feel more energized throughout the day. Trusting that your legs are supported by the right compression sock or stocking will help give you more energy to devote to your clients.

Graduated compression can aid in muscle recovery

Many athletes choose to wear compression socks or stockings to aid muscle recovery. Because your legs and muscles need blood to recover, regulating the blood flow in your legs can help you recover faster. As a hairstylist, maybe you’re not sprinting on a regular basis, but being on your feet all day does cause strain on your muscles. Wearing graduated compression reduces soreness and shortens recovery time.

Sigvaris compression socks provide plenty of style inspiration

You want to feel and look good while doing your job. Sigvaris makes it our mission to provide not only high-quality compression socks and stockings, but inspiring pieces to add to your wardrobe. Building an outfit around a chic pair of compression thigh-highs or patterned socks could be just what you need to feel confident at work.

What are the most common injuries for basketball players?

Even the most skilled basketball players are not immune to injury. For this reason, learning to reduce the risk of injury and optimize recovery time should be a priority for all basketball players.

The most common injuries for basketball players:

Although Sigvaris won’t be able to help much with jammed fingers or concussions, we can help you care for your leg health. Wearing graduated compression socks can offer you added support on game days and aid in muscle recovery after you’ve played.

What should you look for when choosing a compression sock for basketball?

If you’re looking for the ideal compression socks for playing basketball, there are several elements to consider. To get the best support and protection, you’ll need to pick the best compression level, size, and material.

The level of compression is crucial when choosing compression socks for basketball. Typically, it’s recommended that basketball players wear a compression level of at least 15-20 mmHg.

The best compression socks for basketball players

Motion High Tech

The Motion High Tech sock is designed to fit the natural shape of the foot, which can help reduce friction and improve overall comfort during play. Notice that there’s one sock for your right leg and one for your left as indicated by the embroidered letter on each one.

This sock features a cushioned footbed, toe, and Achilles tendon zones, which can help absorb shock and reduce the risk of foot injuries.

The additional compression in the calf area can help improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue during long games or practices.

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Performance Sleeves

The Performance Sleeve is resistant to salt, chlorine, and fresh water, making it ideal for basketball players who may play on different courts or participate in outdoor tournaments.

Stabilizes and supports active muscles, which can help improve performance and reduce the risk of muscle strains and injuries.

The quick-drying sleeve can help keep players comfortable during long games and practices. Additionally, the high-visibility reflective transfer can help players stay visible and safe.


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Athletic Recovery Socks

The recovery sock is designed to help reduce lactic acid buildup, which can help basketball players recover faster and perform better in their games.

Comfortable and easy to put on and take off, which can help players save time and energy before and after games.

The drirelease yarns used in this product provide moisture-wicking and odor control, which can help keep players comfortable and fresh during long games or practices.


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