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5 Reasons Nurses Need Compression Socks

nurse holding the hand of a patient

Your strength and compassion make you the backbone of the healthcare industry. We hope you're wearing quality compression because you need to take care of you, too.
Here are five ways Sigvaris compression socks can benefit you as a nurse.

The physical demands of the job can lead to numerous health problems. What’s worse is that the busy nature of the job makes treating nurses’ health issues difficult.

Fortunately, many of the common health problems nurses face are preventable. By providing quality compression wear, we’re doing our best to support them. 

5 benefits of compression socks for nurses:

Graduated compression socks and stockings are medical devices designed to help prevent and/or ease the symptoms that arise from the daily stress placed on your body. Every nurse should have at least a couple of pairs of quality compression socks. Here's why (click on each tab to read more):

overnight nurse checking on a senior patient

Nurses are on their feet for hours and gravity can cause fluid to linger in the lower part of their legs. They may notice swelling of their legs, ankles, and feet.

This can be painful and make it uncomfortable to stand or walk. Wearing compression socks can reduce swelling by aiding the body's natural ability to keep fluid moving.

Our recommended compression socks and stockings for nurses:

Microfiber Patterns

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Motion Cushioned Cotton

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It's a hard job, but nurses are the lifeblood of the healthcare industry. Take care of them. 

If you're a nurse, it is vitally important that you take care of yourself. Here's a reminder to do what you need to do to make those long hours on your feet a little more comfortable. May  your off hours be restorative.