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Sigvaris graduated compression socks work by acting as an external layer of muscle, gently pushing (hugging) the vein walls together to restore blood flow to its optimum state. With pressure greatest at the ankle and decreasing as it goes up the leg, these socks help fight the force of gravity. They circulate blood back to the heart more effectively improving overall circulation. 

You'll feel a gentle pressure that's cozy and supportive. Increased circulation makes you feel more energetic, too!

5 Reasons to Choose Sigvaris

1Easy to put on. Our legwear is made with double-covered LYCRA® spandex inlay yarns so garments glide on easily and no bare elastic ever touches your skin.

2Great fit. Our sizing system has a wide range of sizes for an exceptional fit. To get the most benefit from compression, you need more size options.

3Easy to care for. Machine wash and dry makes taking care of your compression socks or stockings easy.

4Quality. We guarantee the compression of products for six months.

5Lots of choices. We offer you more choices of materials, colors, and patterns than any other medical compression brand.