Pill Box Pharmacy & Medical Supply

1700 NW 122nd Terrace
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

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"You've never seen a store like this!"

Pill Box Pharmacy and Medical Supply is a Sigvaris preferred retailer with an extensive line of Sigvaris compression socks and stockings in stock.

Pill Box keeps a Sigvaris fitter on staff to help you find the perfect size for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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More than compression socks and stockings

Pill Box in Pembroke Pines, Florida is a compounding pharmacy, a drug store, a gift shop, and so much more. 

"At Pill Box Pharmacy & Medical Supply we are focused on building an organization of people with a passion for superior patient care and helping our customers lead happier and healthier lives. Our mission is to have our customers trust and recommend us to their friends and loved ones." 

Owner of Pillbox Pharmacy

Directions to Pill Box Pharmacy & Medical Supply

This map will direct you to the Pines West location in Pembroke Pines, FL. 

Learn about other locations here. 

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