Sigvaris fits you in more ways than one -- extended sizing, a wide range of skin tones, and many colors and patterns! 

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No matter who you are,
no matter what you do,

Sigvaris fits you.


Essential Opaque has everyone covered with extended sizing.


Style Sheer and Soft Opaque compliment any shade.

woman wearing stylish outfit and Sigvaris Style Microfiber Patterns compression socks in the color Mariner Stripe

Style Microfiber Patterns in colors and patterns to match any personality and style.

Essential Opaque has everyone covered with extended sizing.
Style Sheer and Soft Opaque compliment any shade.
Style Microfiber Patterns in colors and patterns to match any personality and style. 

Essential Opaque


your shape

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Essential Opaque offers durability and style in our most extensive size range for women and men. It's your go-to for everyday activities.

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Style Sheer & Soft Opaque

fits Your Shade

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Fashionable and modern
Special occasion and formal wear
Our most luxurious yarns

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Style Microfiber Patterns


Your Style

for Women and Men

Ultimate comfort with an extra punch of style -- wide variety of patterns and colors

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Doff N' Donner for Compression Socks
Doff N' Donner
Doff N' Donner
Doff N' Donner for Compression Socks
Doff N' Donner
Doff N' Donner

Doff N' Donner


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Behind the Scenes

Two days of shooting, 20 hours of posing, wardrobe changes, and flashing lights and the cast and crew never wavered. The talent and the crew say our socks and stockings kept their legs feeling fresh and energized.

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