What's your style?

Medically effective compression you can relate to. Patterns and colors, sheer and opaque, outdoors and indoorsy. Choose your style.

Our product names can help you: Essential means simple.
Motion means cushioned.
Style means fashion forward.

Dressy Women
If this is you, look for Style Sheer and Medium Sheer. Both styles are available in Calf, Thigh-high, and Pantyhose.

And if you want something a little extra, go with the beautiful diamond-dot or striped Style Patterns, available in Thigh-high and Pantyhose.

Casual Women
Your style and lifestyle can be described as casual, but you always look nice.

Go with Essential Opaque for a comfortable, durable, and nice looking basic.

Sporty Women
Runners, walkers, and professional soccer players will be impressed with the performance of Motion High Tech.

It comes in many bright colors (black and white, too), has a sporty vibe, and features a cushioned sole. 

Outdoorsy Women
By far the most popular choice for women of the outdoors is Motion Thermoregulating Wool. Not only is its fiber ideal for hiking or long days in the garden (temperature regulating, stays dry), but the design looks really cool to any nature lover.

Dressy Men
You can't go wrong with any Style Microfiber Patterns style.

For a more understated dressy option, look for Style Microfiber, which looks luxurious because of the material, but comes in only solids.

Casual Men
Guys can choose Essential Opaque for nice casual look and feel.

Another good option for everyone is Essential Cotton -- breathable, comfortable, and straightforward.

Sporty Men
Motion High Tech is our suggestion for men who participate in sports, men who play sports professionally, or men who jump in and out of a golf cart at least 18 times a day.

These socks give you a leg up, no matter what kind of competition you're up against.

Outdoorsy Men
Motion Thermoregulating Wool is nothing short of perfect for hiking, mudding, trail riding, camping.

The fiber keeps you cool and dry in the summer, and warm and dry in the winter. It's an intelligent sock.


With all this talk of style, don't forget the real reason these socks and stockings are better than the rest -- medically effective graduated compression that gives you a boost of energy, helps with swelling, eases discomfort, and aids your blood circulation. Socks with benefits.

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  • Style Sheer for Women
  • Style Patterns for Women
  • Style Soft Opaque for Women
  • Style Microfiber Patterns for Women
  • Style Microfiber Patterns for Men
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  • Soft Silhouette Leggings


  • Essential Cotton for Women
  • Essential Cotton for Men
  • Essential Opaque for Women
  • Essential Opaque for Men
  • Casual Cotton for Women
  • Casual Cotton for Men
  • Style Sea Island Cotton for Women
  • Style Sea Island Cotton for Men
  • Style Microfiber Patterns for Women
  • Style Microfiber Patterns for Men


  • Motion High Tech for Women
  • Motion High Tech for Men
  • Performance Sleeves for Women
  • Performance Sleeves for Men
  • Athletic Recovery Socks for Women
  • Athletic Recovery Socks for Men


  • Motion Thermoregulating Wool for Women
  • Motion Thermoregulating Wool for Men
  • Motion Cushioned Cotton for Women
  • Motion Cushioned Cotton for Men